Hip Hop Dancer





Annual registration Fee of $25 per calendar year must be paid upon enrolment. This fee covers administration, insurance and music licensing fees.

As we are now a Not-For-Profit Organisation, there will also be a charge of $2 per family to become a member of Broome Performing Arts Co Inc. 

TERM 1 2021

FEB 8th- APRIL 2nd

45 Minute Class-  $90

1 Hour Class- $110

1 Hour & 15 minute Class- $120

1.5 Hour Class - $135

In order to keep our fees affordable we calculate them at a Term rate, NOT per class. This means that public holidays are not discounted from our term fees as they cover a lot more than just the teachers time in the studio.


  • Fees must be paid within the first two weeks of term or you will incur a late fee.

  • Refunds and make up classes are not available. 

  • Dancers can enrol mid-term and pay an altered rate.

  • During Performance Terms (Terms 2 & 4) you must start before week 2 in order to participate in the concert item.

  • Costume Fees are not included in the above prices, you will be charged separately.

  • Term fees will continue to be charged to your account until written cancellation is received so please inform us as soon as possible when dropping a class.

Fees can be paid in cash at the studio however it is preferred that they are paid by bank transfer or through your IClassPro account.


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